Industry Challenges

Stuck in a rut

Unemployment is low for experienced Salesforce professionals, paid handsomely, unable to keep up with the change, anxious and making hasty and ill-informed decisions with respect to career growth.

Too many options

Plenty of opportunities, confused about reality, not sure how to define a career success path.

New normal

Remote jobs, hardly see people, limited networking, anxieties, long hours, outcome based expectations, global competition, socio-political environment.

Need for mentorship

Lack of qualified mentors, ambiguity between an Advisor and a Mentor, lack of a credible and affordable platform to connect Mentor & Mentee.

Our Purpose

To provide an affordable and credible Mentoring Platform for Salesforce professionals to create a long lasting & satisfying career.

We think of CRM Mentors as a ‘Talent Engine’ for the Salesforce ecosystem. The goal of our mentorship program is clear – career advancement for Salesforce CRM professionals, who are either lagging behind the overall success curve of the platform or those who aspire to be Salesforce champions. CRM Mentors acts as a platform for Mentors and Mentees to connect and create a self sustaining ecosystem.

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The Journey

Apply Online

Fill the online profile and tell us about yourself.

Application Review

Our program panel will review your application to understand your profile and map your mentor accordingly.

Mentor & Mentee Orientation

Upon a successful match, Mentor-Mentee contact is established via your dedicated CRM Mentee login access.

Program Initiation

Program goals are discussed, you and your mentor draw out the mentorship roadmap.

Monitor & Review

Program monitors the progress and provides timely feedback to Mentors & Mentees.

Renew Or Close

The program concludes with a final assessment and review by the mentor ensuring all set goals and targets are successfully achieved.

Career Laddering Model

Industry Education Experience Employment (iEEE)

Our iEEE Model is a unique professional career advancing approach developed by CRM Mentors in collaboration with senior CRM industry professionals. The model proposes key areas of focus and development that Mentees work under the personalized & timely guidance of our dedicated Mentors. The model takes into account specific industry needs and defines important steps that lead to a successful Salesforce CRM career.

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Founder's Message

It has been over 20 years of using Salesforce exclusively for my professional growth, as well as helping organizations and individuals to transform their businesses and careers respectively. My biggest lesson in this journey is that individuals lack the ability to grow or transform themselves at the same rate as the explosive growth of the platform.

As professionals, we are always helping organizations to grow their revenue, create a seamless customer journey with exceptional experience. However, I have met few individuals who have clearly mapped out a career journey and feel a clear sense of fulfillment. I have been talking to my peers and associates to understand the industry challenges, especially those related to their career growth within or outside of the current organizations.

Salesforce is growing at 30% year over year.  Career entry barrier is non-existent for Salesforce professionals. The talent influx into the Salesforce ecosystem is supposed to outgrow the global employment opportunities. This will lead to ‘Disguised Unemployment’.

I believe that we can avoid by creating a strong mentoring platform for experienced Salesforce professionals. Please join me in creating a community where we can make a meaningful difference for the mentees.


Velu Palani is the founding member of CRM Mentors, he has been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for the last 20 years. He has built multiple organizations using the Salesforce platform. He has helped transform Sales, Marketing and Service functions for over 100 organizations. He has mentored several Salesforce professionals. He is passionate about the platform, continuous learner, active Salesforce community volunteer. He currently co-leads Salesforce Chicago Developer Group. Velu works for a large health insurance company based in Chicago.

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